Our VOCs exhaust gas treatment engineering test results qualified

Plastic color printing flexible packaging industry is the main force of packaging and printing industry VOCs emissions. To achieve the effect of the product, the production process requires the use of organic solvents, mainly ethyl acetate, toluene, butanone, isopropyl alcohol and so on. So the plastic color printing flexible packaging industry is the focus of the packaging and printing industry, the industry estimates more than 1.2 million tons / year.

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Shanzhang light industry in recent years has been committed to the development of VOCs organic waste gas treatment technology, and actively with the Israeli high-end technology enterprises to carry out exchanges and cooperation, at the end of last year in Zhejiang, a customer company successfully completed VOCs waste gas treatment works. January 9, I also received a third party testing report, the project VOCs emission concentration of 10mg, well below the national standard limit (GB 120mg), test report qualified. This result is declared Shan Zhang light industry in this field to achieve a breakthrough, marking the Shanzhao light industry customers into the green track.
VOCs comprehensive management in the current and future period of time will continue to be the industry’s top priority in green development, Shantou light industry will continue to improve the waste treatment project team management, VOCs processing technology to seek more innovation and breakthrough for the majority Packaging color printing customers to provide green solutions, the common environmental pollution for the country to contribute more advanced technology!

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Post time: Oct-20-2017
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